Milan, lake como & whole italy


I recently had a personalized photo session in Milan and it was fantastic! The team was attentive and tailored everything to my preferences. The photographer was professional and knew all the best spots around the city, making me feel at ease throughout the shoot. The photos turned out amazing-each shot perfectly capturing the beauty of Milan and my experience there. Highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting to capture special moments in this iconic city!


I just experienced the most incredible personalized photo shoot in Milan! The team really listened to what I wanted, blending my ideas with their expert knowledge of the city. The photographer was a true pro, bringing out my best with every shot amid Milan's breathtaking scenery. I felt like a star, wandering through hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike. The final photos are not just pictures, but true works of art that reflect my personality and the magical vibe of Milan. Absolutely thrilled with how they turned out and can’t recommend this experience enough!

Victoria & Garik

We booked a couple's photo session during our trip to Milan and it was absolutely perfect! The team made sure to understand what we were looking for and suggested romantic spots around the city that were simply stunning. The photographer was friendly and really good at capturing natural moments between us, which made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot.

The locations chosen were both beautiful and meaningful, providing us with a mix of classic Milanese backdrops and some quaint, lesser-known spots that felt very personal. The photos themselves are gorgeous—full of life, love, and the beauty of Milan.

We are so happy with how the photos turned out and truly grateful for such a memorable experience. We highly recommend this service to any couple looking for a special way to capture their love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Emily & Jack

Our pre-wedding photo session with this professional photographer was incredible! When it unexpectedly started to rain, they quickly found a picturesque spot under a nearby gazebo for some stunning shots. Their creativity and adaptability were impressive, and they made us feel completely at ease. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch photography!


Booking a personal photo session with this photographer was a fabulous experience! They were not only friendly but also incredibly skilled at directing the shoot to capture the best images. Despite a brief delay due to equipment issues, they efficiently managed the time, ensuring we got all the planned shots. I felt like a true star, and the photos are absolutely beautiful


I had an amazing personal photo session with this photographer. They perfectly captured the style I was aiming for and brought great creative ideas to the table. Even when my original outfit choice didn’t pan out, they had fantastic alternatives that looked even better. I’m so pleased with the results and look forward to our next session together!

Foster Family

Our family photo session with this photographer was a delightful experience! They were incredibly patient and engaging with our two little girls, making the whole process fun for them. The photos captured our family's spirit perfectly, even though one of our daughters was a bit shy at first. The photographer's professionalism and warmth made everything go smoothly. We’re thrilled with the memories they’ve helped us preserve!


I had a personal photo shoot and decided to rent one of the dresses offered by the photographer. The entire experience was seamless and the dress made me feel absolutely glamorous. The photographer was exceptionally skilled at using the dress’s flow and style to enhance the photos. I’m extremely satisfied with how luxurious the images turned out!


I opted for an extended photo session in a beautiful rented dress and it was the best decision! The photographer knew exactly how to highlight the dress’s details in every shot. Despite a brief interruption from passing traffic, their professionalism ensured we used every moment productively. The final photos are simply stunning—I can't recommend them enough!

We booked a couple’s photo session with a dress rental, and it was absolutely romantic! The photographer’s guidance made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot. They found the perfect locations that complemented the style of the dress beautifully. The photos reflect our love wonderfully, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Our couple’s photo session was everything we hoped for and more! The photographer had an incredible eye for capturing the genuine moments between us. Even when we faced a slight hiccup with lighting, their quick thinking allowed us to continue seamlessly. We highly recommend their services to any couple wanting to capture their relationship in a special way.


I booked a personalized photo session and was thoroughly impressed by the photographer's attentiveness and creativity. They tailored the entire shoot to reflect my personality and preferences, making the session feel incredibly special. The windy weather ended up adding a dynamic element to the photos, which the photographer skillfully utilized to our advantage. The resulting images are uniquely beautiful—thank you for such a memorable experience!

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