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I offer two types of packages based on the photography needs that you have, with the possibility to add extra session time and amount of edited images. Special projects are discussed prior to confirming tailored pricing.

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Basic wedding


This package offers a 1 hour photography session designed to capture your best moments. We start at the iconic Piazza del Duomo, setting up for a series of beautiful shots in and around this famous landmark. Usually I select the best locations for our shoot. But, I'm open to incorporating your ideas to make the experience more personal. My goal is to capture lively and tender moments, ensuring the entire process is smooth and comfortable for you.

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• Creative Direction
• Photography
• Video

• 1 hour coverage
• 60-80 images
• Online gallery

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to photoshoot

Makeup & Hairstyle

Express photo delivery

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Fast editing within 24-48 hours

Rent a dress for your photo shoot for 1 hour. More information, and a selection of dresses on the page

Our Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist craft a distinctive look that enhances your natural beauty, ensuring you're camera-ready and confident for your shoot.







Bouquet of flowers

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Elevate your photo session with our exquisite Milano Bouquets, handpicked and arranged by local florists.



Beautiful photos



Portraits can have a healing effect

You get to save a whole lot of money

I know Milan like the back of my hand. Let me show you its beauty, capturing unforgettable memories with my professional touch.

Get your photos quickly! I make sure you don't wait long to relive and share your Milan adventures.

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A Love Story Waiting to Be Told

We're here to guide you through the city's hidden gems, ensuring your big day is as unforgettable in photos as it will be in your hearts.

Feeling overwhelmed with wedding plans? We've got you covered. Our passion goes beyond photography. We're here to capture your relationship - the laughter, the tears, and everything in between. Need tips on where to capture the best moments in Milan? Contact us for a complimentary conversation. We will capture the visual story of your love.

Navigating Legal Process: Marriage in Milan

Are you dreaming of a Milanese wedding or elopement? Italy offers a romantic backdrop, but it's essential to understand the legal requirements. While Italy does welcome foreign couples to marry, there are specific documents and procedures to follow. From declaring your intent to marry at the local town hall to ensuring all your documents are translated and legalized, planning is key. We recommend consulting with a local wedding planner or legal advisor to ensure a smooth process.

Symbolic Ceremonies: Flexibility and Beauty

Many international couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony in Milan, bypassing legal complexities for the beauty of the ceremony itself. This option allows you to tailor your day exactly how you envision it, from saying your vows in front of the breathtaking Duomo to intimate moments captured in not tourstic spot. Symbolic ceremonies offer the flexibility to celebrate your love in some of Milan's most picturesque locations without the legal formalities.

Milan: Where Your Love Story Comes to Life

We invite you to discover our handpicked, exclusive locations in the heart of Milan for your wedding and pre-wedding photos.

The Duomo di Milano: A Gothic Romance

Imagine standing hand in hand with your loved one, with the majestic Duomo di Milano in the background. The intricate details of its Gothic architecture create a stunning contrast against your tender moments, making for unforgettable photographs.

Sforzesco Castle: A Tale of Timeless Elegance

Let the walls of the Sforzesco Castle bear witness to your love. Its grandeur and the sprawling green of the surrounding gardens offer a noble backdrop to your wedding photos, evoking the elegance of a bygone era.

Hidden Gems for Intimate Moments

Discover cozy locations where your love story will be the center of attention. We have selected the perfect locations for your wedding photo shoot, unlike the standard locations. These hidden gems will give you intimate moments filled with simplicity and beauty, allowing you and your love to shine in the heart of Milan, uncluttered and in perfect harmony.

Navigli Canals: Reflections of Love

Stroll along the Navigli Canals at sunset, where the water reflects the soft colors of the sky and the intimate moments of your love. It's a setting that promises not just photos, but memories that glow with warmth and affection.

Brera District: Cobblestones and Whispers

The cobbled streets of Brera, with their artistic vibe and vibrant colors, provide a picturesque canvas for your love story. It's where every glance and gentle touch becomes a part of Milan's own love story with those who visit.

Crafting Your Story with Every Click

Our approach to wedding photography in Milan is simple: we believe in telling stories. Your story. Through our lenses, we capture not just images, but the essence of the emotions shared between you and your partner. With Milan as our canvas, we aim to make your wedding photos as timeless as your love.

Personalized Sessions Just for You

We understand that every couple is unique, so we offer personalized photography sessions. Whether you dream of an opulent shoot at Milan's grand landmarks or an intimate session in a hidden garden, we bring your vision to life.

Capturing Every Detail: The Benefit of a Second Photographer

Having two photographers at your wedding? Totally worth it. Here’s why: while one gets all those big moments—like your "I dos," the first dance, and cake cutting—the other is on a mission to catch everything else. You know, the stuff you might not see while you're in the whirlwind of the day. Like your grandma tearing up, your best friend’s laughter, or your nephew’s dance moves.

It's not just about having a bunch of photos; it's about getting the whole picture of your day. All those candid, off-the-cuff moments combined with the main events give you a real feel of your wedding. And trust me, years down the line, you'll be so grateful to have those memories from two different viewpoints. It’s like reliving your wedding day through a fuller, richer lens.

Ready to Capture Your Milan Love Story?

Take this beautiful journey with us. In the enchanting locations of Milan, every moment of your wedding deserves the artistry and attention that only professionals can provide. With our experience, passion for storytelling and years of expereicne we guarantee that your wedding will be preserved in photographs that speak volumes.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves the skill and dedication of professional photographers. Allow us to capture your relationship's most important day with the elegance and care it deserves.

Contact us today to book the wedding photo shoot of your dreams. Together we will turn your love story into an everlasting memory you will cherish forever.

Your story is our masterpiece. Let's make it unforgettable.


- Sophia & Marco

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